This tool allows us to regain the awareness that we are creators

According to Clara Linares, “channeling helps us acquire awareness and welcome all parts and movements in our personal and spiritual development process, by broadening our perspective. Similarly, it brings comprehension and it helps us remember that Love is our natural state “.

Most of us have been taught to follow certain ethical and moral guidelines established by reference leaders or by the society collective by means of tradition or democratic agreement. By default, we delegate our own power of awareness and discernment, a standard feature that we have since our materialisation as humans, to an external source of authority.

By doing this, we are forgetting that the origin of this authority goes back to one or many human beings who discovered the truth and the sense in their lives in themselves and in connection with the Source Creator of life. The paradigmatic example of this phenomenon in the Western world would be Jesus Christ. The problem is that when we are trying to apply a teaching that is not derived from our own experience, our life becomes an eternal attempt to fit in a mould that was not made for us.

Does every teacher have his book? Well, probably, yes. Does this mean that reality or truth are relative in themselves? I personally don’t think so. But what is relative is the way in which we perceive and interpret them, and the way in which we apply them into our lives. Does this mean that we cannot be inspired in religious traditions, that we cannot practice any religion? That we cannot vote for a political party? Not at all, in my opinion. In my understanding everything is compatible because it is not so much about what we do but how and from where we do it.

This is where the concept of channeling comes in for me. Channeling is a tool that brings us back to the awareness that we are not only Creation but also Creators, as a part of this creating unending Source that we are, where everything lives and moves. If this is what we are, besides being inspired in the writings and teachings of so many people who have opened themselves to channel messages of light and love, also each and every one of us have this ability and power to channel messages in an authentic way for us.

Furthermore, not only can we channel them, but also manifest our visions in the sensory world. It might scare us to think that by means of a simple relaxation and meditation practice we can have direct access to the most essential and eternal truths and materialise our most intimate and genuine longings.

Open the doors of spirituality and self-exploration through channeling. Enter into a world of mystery and divine wisdom while you dive into the connection among the different dimensions. Allow us to be a bridge towards finding answers and guidance in your personal search for spiritual growth and self-knowledge. Discover the magic of channeling and take a step further towards the universal truth that lies within you.

laia Sanmartí


Awaken your spiritual connection and discover universal wisdom through channeling. Find answers and guidance on your inner journey.

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