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The nature of things itself is adual

I gradually realised that spirituality can only be non-dual, or as Raimon Panikkar called it, “a-dual”. The nature of things itself is adual. As Saint John the Evangelist wrote, God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. As it was written in the Quran and the Bible, and in some philosophy books, we come from God and to him we return. Well, not only do we come from and go towards this God, not only do we belong to Him/Her and abide in Him/Her, but we are an inherent part of God. It could be said that we are one with Him/ Her, in our case at a human scale.

Having said this, advaita spirituality will help us let go of the word “God”, because even if we love words and words can be of great help when it comes to understanding and navigating life, they are often certainly limiting, and specially in the spiritual sphere. What is God? Does God really exist? Advaita leaves all theoretical disquisitions about what is and what is not aside. When we stop worrying to give an answer to these questions we can focus on living the present moment which includes Everything. From this point, walking more lightly and no longer carrying so many idees and beliefs that need to be sustained whether in one direction or the other, we can start flying.

This flight has only one possible direction towards a greater awareness of feeling unconditionally loved, which inevitably leads us to share this love that wishes to be shared because it overflows. And probably in this certainty of knowing ourselves loved and loving the sense of our life is found.

Lisa Cairns

“There is no centre, nothing is perceiving, and everything is experiencing itself.”

laia Sanmartí


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