My reference authors are Teresa of Ávila, Xavier Melloni, Raimon Panikkar, Ken Wilber, or Jiddu Krishnamurti, to name just a few. In recent times I have felt a call to offer my services, through accompaniment, to anyone who feels they need support at this moment in their life, whether to overcome an obstacle or to make the changes they sense are necessary.

I consider myself an energy therapist and transitional facilitator. My work methods are conscious or integrative breathing, the creative process, NLP, visualization, channeling and tantra. With them we work on the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the energetic body and we align them in a state of presence.


Laia Sanmartí Vidal


How to introduce myself? There are answers at different levels for this question. At the level of the character that I am embodying in this moment called period of time, my name is Laia  Sanmartí Vidal, born in Barcelona in 1976. Trained in translation and interpreting, interlinguistic and intercultural communication have always been an important part of my personality. I have been working as a conference interpreter for over 25 years, and it is still a passion for me.

On the other hand, as a result of a personal crisis, in 2013 I started attending non-dual spirituality courses, based among others on the book A Course In Miracles. I realised that I was living a life lived for others but aimed at fulfilling expectations that were not really mine. I walked a path of self-knowledge, empowerment and personal honesty where I followed the quest to discover my true values and principles and my real needs. This process led me to make big decisions which involved great personal changes where I ended a 20 year long relationship, with the implications that this decision had on the lives of our three teenage children.

My current Teacher is the Moment and Life itself, but I also feel gratitude to human teachers like Sergi Torres, Jeff Foster, Lisa Cairns and Mooji. I was trained in channeling by Clara Linares, in the creative process by Valerie Collins, in tantra by Ronald Fuchs and in NLP by Vicens Oliver and Xavier Florensa, teachers at the Gestalt Institute in Barcelona.

Laia Sanmartí Vidal

Find your Inner Balance

Find your own tools to embrace new life stages, navigating your changes through transitional facilitation.

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