Creative Process

We explore these visualizations using various tools such as writing, drawing, music, metaphors, the evocation of experiences and meditation.


Constructivist therapeutical method for personal transformation and excellency, and for the attainment of goals through valuable tools.


Advaita leaves all theoretical disquisitions about what is and what is not aside. Spirituality can only be non-dual, or as Raimon Panikkar called it, “a-dual".


A path to deep connection, conscious intimacy and spiritual growth.


Open the doors to universal wisdom through channeling. Connect with spiritual sources to obtain answers, guidance and healing.

Laia Sanmartí

I consider myself an energy therapist and transitional facilitator.

Achieve your internal balance

Navigating life changes with transitional facilitation: I can help you find the tools to embrace the new stages in your life.

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