Change your brain circuits and connections

NLP studies the subjective experience of people, of perception and communication. It is a constructivist therapeutical method for personal transformation and excellence, and for the attainment of goals through valuable tools based on neural synapse.

The acronym NLP spelled out: (extracted from the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona website):


Our learnings use our neurology and its biological and physiological architecture to store and to manifest themselves. This is referred to the fundamental principles that says that every behaviour is the result of neurological processes.

Our neurologically-based processes and experience are constantly expressed through verbal and non-verbal language.


From the very beginning in our lives we are learning from our own experiences. This information is stored in our brain and our nervous system, and organised through what we call programmes. Most of these programmes are unconscious. By means of the path offered by NLP we learn to detect them, to modify them and to improve them in order to achieve a greater state of well-being for people.

Virginia Satir

“Communication is to relationships what breath is to life.”

Fritz Perls

“If you feel uncomfortable with someone you can be sure that there is no real communication. As soon as one is genuinely expressed, all discomfort disappears.”

laia Sanmartí


Transform your mind, transform your life. Discover the power of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to achieve your goals and to boost your success

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