Singing and dancing your vision

Many authors, mystics and thinkers have spoken about the power contained in visualisation when it comes to grounding the things that we desire and that we find in the dimension of the imaginal world and land it down on a material and tangible reality.

The actor Neville spoke about “living in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

Louise Hay speaks about visualising things that place us in a high vibration mode instead of putting our energy in what makes us feel bad.

Jean Houston speaks about “singing and dancing your vision”.

Deepak Chopra says: “You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”

As Neville Goddard wrote, “dwell in the wish fulfilled”. Imagine the details what it would be to find yourself in the desired situation.

In our sessions we will work on these visualisations through creative writing, drawing, music, metaphors, invocation of experiences and meditation

Top view of painter sketches on a brown table

Valerie Collins, Author and Writing Mentor

“Your imagination is the interface between the quantum field, where all things are first created, and the physical world of space-time, where they are brought into form.”


laia Sanmartí

Offering my support to anybody who feels that they need it at this moment in their life, whether to overcome an obstacle or to bring about changes -and more significantly, inner change!

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